Our Services

Payroll Processing

Instead of being mired by tedious payroll processing, rely on our comprehensive payroll processing services—from handling employee time cards, providing you access to extensive payroll software, to preparing payroll taxes to ensure compliant remittance to the IRS, invest in the right technology to process payroll efficiently and ensure that your payroll data is fully integrated and compliant.

Recruitment Services

Tap into our wide range of recruitment services to optimize the candidate quality your organization receives. This includes posting job advertisements, tracking and reviewing candidates, coordinating interviews, administering background checks, creating offer letters, and much more.

HR and Labor Law Advice from Licensed Attorneys

Are you prepared to navigate the numerous laws and regulations governing employment processes in your company? Improper HR procedures can incur costly fines and penalties that could harm your reputation--but you don't have to deal with it all alone! Rely on our exhaustive HR and Labor Law advice, provided by licensed and expert attorneys to ensure that your organization is HR compliant in today's complex legal environment.

Health Insurance Administration

Your care about your employees' health and want to ensure their health plan serves them well--which is a huge responsibility. Rather than managing it entirely yourself, reduce stress and save time by letting us handle all health insurance administration duties. You'll receive end-to-end assistance, from structuring your health plans to assisting your employees with their claims.

Disciplinary Administration

Conflict and confrontations within the workplace are inevitable, as are the disciplinary actions required to resolve these situations. While you're figuring out how best to reprimand a wayward employee and restore peace to your organization, let us shift the administrative stress off your back. This can include everything from write-ups and warnings to improvement plans and terminations, helping you get on with your business.

Handling and Filing of All Government Agency Requests

It's your responsibility to file for requirements needed by government agencies in compliance with both federal and state laws. Are you prepared for everything involved? Our team is! We can handle all your government agency requests, from completing state EDD forms to processing unemployment claims, disability forms, wage garnishments, levies, and more. Just let us know what you need.

New Hire Onboarding Services

New hires must always submit certain forms and meet specific requirements before they can begin their work. Streamline this onboarding process with our help, including establishing proper interview guidelines and documentation while staying federal and state compliant.

Retirement Fund (401k) Administration

Your employees need a reliable retirement plan, which can require intensive oversight to implement properly. Let our benefits specialists craft a retirement plan that's tailored to fit the unique needs of your company. With our help, you can alleviate the administrative stress and focus more on your business growth priorities.

Guidance on Human Resources Issues

Your employees look to you for support and guidance, and you want to provide the best HR leadership possible. This means having access to HR advice and strategic approaches regarding employee relations issues, policies, and organizational structure. Partner with our team of experienced consultants who can guide you in adopting the best policies and practices for your organization to help you resolve employment issues.

Processing of All Verification of Employment Requests

Don't burn out spending countless hours preparing and processing employment verification requests. Let our team shoulder the workload for you and process all employment verification requests to free up your staff for higher-priority tasks