Our Team

Nexus HR is formed from collaborative companies with more than 20 years of experience in the technology and healthcare industries. We have established an unparalleled team of experts who are eager to help you with all aspects of your business, providing fast and friendly service that streamlines your workflow and operations on all fronts.

Our Mission

Nexus HR eliminates the constant burden that HR administrative tasks place on your employees. Rather than making your team misuse valuable time and effort on administrative tasks, our team tackles your daily grind with a full-service array of HR management processes and projects. Going far beyond being a simple payroll platform, Nexus HR offers comprehensive recruitment and onboarding, benefits administration, legal and HR advice, payroll processing, disciplinary oversight, government form handling, accounting assistance and more. Basically, if your business HR needs it, we can provide it!

Your Success!

With the whole scope of Human Resource tasks and responsibilities now off your plate, you're free to focus on the growth and success priorities that truly matter most to your business' future. Invest in your customer base, connect with new markets, and develop the products and services that will take your company to the next level. We'll handle everything else!

Nexus HR's Vision

To provide uncompromising, best-in-class HR services for companies, freeing staff to focus on business growth and success priorities.